Frontier Equipment and Consulting Services

Equipment and technology for logistics, intralogistics, ports
Sales, management and technical consulting services

What can Fronteq do for you?

The heavier & bulkier the better!


Fantuzzi Team Material Handling Equipment

General Cargo Forklifts, Empty Container Forklifts, Reach Stackers


Pre Owned Equipment

A wide range of high quality preowned equipment is available for you 


Container Loader & Mover

Fronteq has been appointed sales agency of a new revolutionary machine to load and unload bulk material into and out of containers  - one versatile machine with multiple functions

Lifting, Tipping, Moving and Stacking of Containers

Consulting Services

We can help your business move forward

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Why Fronteq?

The frontier represents unchartered territory - something new to explore.
As french novelist Andre Gide once said - man can never discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose the sight of the shore.
Frontier Equipment and Consulting Services will help you to discover new equipment, knowledge and networking that will help your business grow.

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